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Electric Vehicles: Corporate Solution!

CAEL, a leader in vehicle rental solutions, is proud to announce a new addition to its fleet: state-of-the-art electric cars! This initiative offers companies the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint without restrictions, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.
By choosing to rent an electric vehicle with CAEL, companies not only demonstrate a commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), but also benefit from several significant advantages:
1. Sustainable Driving in Low Emission Zones: Electric vehicles allow companies to drive in areas with strict environmental regulations, preparing for future public policies.
2. Tax Benefits and Lower Operating Costs: The operating costs of an electric car are substantially lower compared to vehicles with combustion engines. Furthermore, the cost of electrical energy is considerably lower than that spent on traditional fuels.
3. Increased Corporate Social Responsibility: By adopting a fleet of electric cars, companies demonstrate a strong commitment to social responsibility, positively impacting their institutional image.
4. Attractive Tax Advantages: VAT deduction and exemption from autonomous taxation are just some of the tax advantages when opting for a fleet of electric vehicles.
5. Efficient and Convenient Charging: Electric vehicles provide a fast and safe charging experience. If installing a charging point at your company is not in your plans, you can use a domestic electrical plug.
To make charging on the go even simpler, we're proud to announce our partnership with miio. This application offers an intuitive search for charging stations, in addition to allowing digital payment, making your trips even more practical and hassle-free.
CAEL is excited to lead the way towards more sustainable mobility and invites all companies to be part of this ecological revolution!
Join us in the transition to a future with less environmental impact!
For more information and reservations, get in touch via email: partnerships@cael.pt or reservas@cael.pt

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