Which vehicles are available to rent?

Check our fleet here.

Where can i pick up / drop off Caelīs car?

On any station where Cael is located. Lisbon, Porto and Faro. For more details about our locations please click here.

What is the minimum age to rent a car?

Minimum age to rent a car is 23 years old and a 2 years of driving experience (with driver license). If the driver doesn´t have 23 years old the Young Driver fee will be charged. Fee amount will be taken in consideration according with the price at that moment.

What is included on the rental rates?

The rental rates includes Third Party insurance taking in consideration the excess amounts at the moment, as well 24 hour road assistance.

What is not included on the car rental rates?

Fuel, car parks, car wash, tolls and traffic fines. The vehicle must be returned with the same amount of fuel it had at the beginning of the rental.

Can the vehicle be picked up / dropped off after the regular station working period?

Yes, according with the after-hours period of each station. The client must be aware that an after-hours fee will be charged. Fee amount will be taken in consideration according with the price at that moment.

How is the reservation payment processed?

The reservation preview amount is paid at the time that you are completing the booking process. The reservation is only confirmed after the payment is done and after you receive the booking confirmation e-mail.

What type of credit cards are accepted by Cael?

Reservations made through Cael´s website  accepted are VISA, MASTERCAD and Paypal.
Reservations made at the Cael´s stations payment methods accepted are VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS and MASTER CARD for the initial deposit. For payments at the desk payment methods accepted are VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, MASTER CARD and DINNERS CLUB

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, the cancelation request must be sent to the reservation department with the reservation number to the email rentacar@cael.pt

For more information regarding CAEL´s cancelation policy click here

Can I cancel my reservation even if the reservation was not requested directly to CAEL?

No. You have to contact the same entity that took care of the reservation creation request. Cancel directly with the operator who you made the reservation with.

When do I receive the reservation confirmation?

The reservation is only confirmed after the payment is done. After you will receive a confirmation email within the next 24 hous.

Which documents are necessary to pick up the car?

You must always physically have the identity card or passport, driving license and a valid credit card with sufficient funds for the deposit ( Franchise or Excess) according with the reserved group.

Is there any additional cost in addition to the amount paid on the website?

For reservations made on our website, as the via verde device is already included in the final price, there will only be additional costs if the customer subscribes to any complementary product not included in the initial reservation.
For reservations made through reservation brokers, the green lane service will be charged at the counter when picking up the vehicle. There is only this additional cost required by law, then there will only be additional costs if the customer subscribes to a complementary product not included in the initial reservation.
1- The Via Verde service is mandatory, allowing access to an identifier provided by CAEL to determine the value of toll fees with a view to their collection, within the scope of electronic toll services on road infrastructure subject to payment.
     1.1. Acceptance of this service is based on changes to Portuguese law 84-C/2022, December 9, 2022.
     1.2. Failure to accept the service will result in cancellation of the reservation.

Can the franchise/excess be reduced?

Yes. By acquiring complementary products such as SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver). This product can be added to your rental at the pick up time. To fully cover the vehicle VIPN ( Tyre and Glass) can also be acquired.

Can I drive across the border with my rented vehicle?

Cross-Border driving is not allowed without prior written consent by CAEL

Can the car be driven for more than one person?

Yes. However, the additional driver complementary product must be acquired. This product can be added to your rental at the pick up time.

The car is broken, and assistance is necessary. How to proceed?

You must call to 24 hours road assistance that will help you during this process. The contact is on the vehicle documents.

If an accident occurs, how to proceed?

Communicate the accident to local authorities ( Police) to register the incident, and to CAEL within the 24 hours counting from the accident time. The accident mutual statement term must also be filled and send it to CAEL or deliver in one of our stations within the next 5 days after the accident. Never declare guilty to the third party involved.

I need to extend the rental agreement. How to proceed?

You must go to one of our locations to carry out the extension of the rental agreement and to make the corresponding payment. The amount to be paid will take in consideration the public rate at that moment and not the rate of the reserved days.

Can the vehicle be returned after the expected date/hour?

In this case you need to contact and inform the station where you will return the car. An additional amount will be charge according with the rate applied at that moment.

Can the vehicle be returned on another station?

Yes. According with the pick up station and the station where you want to return the vehicle, additional fees may be applied, designated by CAEL as “One-Way”. Nevertheless, you need to previously inform CAEL that you intend to return the vehicle on a different station.

Is the credit card mandatory?

Yes, in addition to the remaining documentation, citizen card or passport and driving license, the credit card is mandatory and must have the necessary ceiling according to the deductible of the reserved group. Even if the customer accepts the complementary products, SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver), the credit card must be presented.

If I donīt have a credit card issued in my name, can I use one from a family member or a friend?

The credit card must always be issued under the name of the main driver (name under the reservation). Without the credit card you can´t pick up the vehicle. However, if you have a person that has all the necessary documents, he / she can be the main driver and the name under the reservation can be the additional driver. There is a fee for the additional driver that will be charged taking in consideration the rate available at that moment.

Tolls and ex-SCUTīs

Via verde service is mandatory and allows, through the use of an identifier provided by CAEL, to determine the value of tolls, on motorways or bridges that have a toll point.
The etoll service will be paid at the pick-up time. Tolls amounts are calculated and paid at the vehicle drop off. If not available at the time, the remaining amount will be charged to the credit card, once available.

Cancelation or release of the franchise/excess or amount to refund.

The entities responsible for the credit card define the deadline for the refund / cancelation amount. If the customer don´t receive the amount on his account on the expected period, it should contact his bank to verify the motive. Cael is not responsible for this process.

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