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Know Portugal with CAEL Book your Car

Know Portugal with CAEL Book your Car

Rental Contract General Conditions

CAEL – Consórcio de Automóveis Excelsior, Lda., (hereinafter designated as CAEL), rents to the Customer, signatory of the acceptance of this Contract, or to the entity to whom the rental charges will be invoiced to as per their instructions (hereinafter designated as Customer), the given vehicle (hereinafter designated as Vehicle), under the following conditions:
1 – The Customer will return the vehicle on the pre-set date, in the same condition of use as it was delivered, safeguarding respective natural wear and tear, to the same location of the start of the rental, unless another location has been pre-approved by CAEL.
2 – Under legal terms, the Customer authorises CAEL to withdraw the use of the Vehicle under the terms of the Contract, and also terminate it under the grounds of the non-compliance of the contractual terms by the Customer. The possible extension of the rental must be pre-approved and authorised by CAEL.
3 – The Vehicle cannot be used or driven under the following conditions: 
    a) By anyone who is not duly qualified with a drivers license which is valid in Portugal and who has had their drivers license for at least 2 years and is over the age of 23;
    b) While the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol; 
    c) For sports competitions; 
    d) To tow any other Vehicle or object;
    e) With an excess number of passengers or weight; 
    f) To transport people or goods in exchange for any explicit or implicit compensation; 
    g) Outside of Mainland Portugal, without prior written authorisation and quotation from CAEL.
4 – The rented Vehicle cannot be sub-rented, except under the conditions provided for my law. 
5 – The Customer will pay CAEL, when requested, all charges which correspond to the rental costs given in the Contract, and respective applicable taxes, as well as other values due to the non-compliance of the Contract or other responsibilities accepted by the Customer.
    a) The following credit cards are accepted: VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS CLUB and MASTER CARD, both for the initial deposit and for the payment of the rental. 
    b) The expected value for the rental must be paid upon the collection of the Vehicle, and the balance of accounts will be conducted at the end. Only credit cards are accepted when the Vehicle is collected, when a deposit will be withheld and then returned at the end of the rental if the vehicle has not been involved in any accident or suffered any damage.
6 – The Customer is responsible and accountable for:
    a)  Fuel, garage, parking and toll costs. 
    b) Fines, penalties, legal fees and other expenses which, although imposed by CAEL due to the use or driving of the Vehicle during the rental period, are the responsibility of the Customer;
    c) Damage caused to the rented Vehicle due to improper or negligent use, whether by the Customer or Driver, as well as additional damages caused by the abandonment of the Vehicle;
    d) Repair costs for damages caused by accidents in which the Vehicle is involved and which exceed the maximum liability mentioned in the Contract (excess). This responsibility covers all Vehicles involved in the accident even if not mentioned in the Contract;
    e) The presentation of documents to the authorities is the exclusive responsibility of the Customer/Driver. 
7 – At the beginning of the rental, the Customer has the following coverage: 
    a) Personal Assistance Insurance: at a cost of 4€ a day, the Customer may subscribe to personal assistance insurance up to a value of 15.000€ in the event of death or permanent disability and of 1.500€ for medical expenses, per passenger;
    b) Collision Damage Waiver: In the event of an accident, the responsibility for damage caused to the rented vehicle may be reduced to the payment of the mandatory excess;
    c) Coverage for Reduced Liability: The responsibility of the Customer to pay the mandatory excess may be reduced with the payment of the value provided in the table in force; 
    d) Theft Protection: The responsibility of the Customer for the total or partial theft of the Vehicle may be reduced to the payment of the mandatory excess.
8 – The Customer exempts CAEL, as its agents or employees, from any responsibility for the loss or damage to their own property or the property of others, which are left or transported in the Vehicle, received or saved by CAEL, at any time before, during or after the rental Contract.
9 – CAEL does not take responsibility for delays or damage caused by breakdowns or accidents while taking every precautions and best efforts to prevent such events.
10 – The Vehicle is covered by a Civil Liability insurance policy in the maximum value prescribed by law. In the event of an accident, the Customer is obliged to notify CAEL of the accident within a maximum of 24 hours and with the complete filling in of the “Accident Report” which must be sent to CAEL within a maximum of 5 days. The Customer and/or Driver is also obliged not to make any declarations stating that they are responsible for the accident.

11 – For all cancellations, an email must be sent, to requesting that same cancellation and stating the reservation number. 
     11.1. – All cancellations must be approved by CAEL. Approval of cancellation must be sent to the customer by e-mail. This is the one and only way a cancellation is canceled and only this way the customer may consider the reservation canceled. Cancellation must follow the conditions stated below.
     a) When canceled more than 48 hours in advance, you will receive a refund of the amount paid, less the commission from the commercial services transaction (Paypal / others)
     b) If the notification of cancellation occurs less than 48 hours notice, a No-show fee of € 50 + VAT will be charged, or payment of the full rental price if the amount is less. In case of reimbursement, this will be done with the deduction of the commission of the commercial transaction (PayPal/other).
     11.2. – No show.
     a) No Refund.
     b) It is considered a no show if; the client did not inform in any way of its intent to cancel the reservation; the client did not pick up the car at the agreed upon time and date; the client could not produce the mandatory documentation in order to pick up the car; the client could not produce a valid credit card in the drivers name and with sufficient funds available for the security deposit.
     11.3. – CAEL reserves the right to refuse rental, if the customer does not show up on time, with all the mandatory documentation, a valid credit card in the drivers name, with sufficient funds for the security deposit as stated before in the above sections.
12 – When dealing with the rental of Commercial Vehicles, the Customer is aware that the Vehicle can only be driven by them, by members of their immediate family, or by whom they cohabit, or employees who are duly identified as such, as per the conditions provided for in point number 3.
13 – When using Commercial Vehicles, the Customer can only transport goods which they own or which are connected to their economic or professional activity.  
14 – With Passenger Vehicles, the Customer is responsible if and when they transport goods.
15 – The Customer will be held liable for not returning documents related to the Vehicle, along with one or more accessories.
    15.1. – In the case of Vehicle documents, the minimum penalty is 150€.
16 – If the Customer wants to anticipate the rental Contract, they will not be exempt from the obligation to pay the full amount of the agreed upon price. 
17 – In the event of a dispute between CAEL and the Customer, both will be subjected to and will accept the jurisdiction of the District Courts of Lisbon, with express waiver of any other. 

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