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Know Portugal with CAEL. Book your Car

How to take care of yourself during isolation

These are the tips that clinical psychologist Chantal Feron shares for better managing anxiety in these times of confinement. Above all, she leaves the warning: "It is essential to take care of yourself."
Maintain a healthy diet, avoid alcohol, tobacco and other consumption.
Practice physical exercise regularly and maintain routines and schedules, favoring eight hours of sleep daily; Have a good support network.
Share good news, maintain a sense of humor and critical ability, but also be able to talk about your fears and concerns;
Take breaks, especially when you feel tired and if your emotions intensify, your thoughts become fatalistic or catastrophic or to avoid accumulating anxiety throughout the day;
Do something you like, like listening to music, playing an instrument or painting;
Avoid listening to and reading all kinds of news. Choose your sources and restrict yourself to the most reliable and trustworthy ones;
Seek help if you need it. Contact a helpline or healthcare professional. The Psychological Counseling Line is in operation at SNS 24 (808 24 24 24), which has 63 psychologists who provide advice to both the general population and health professionals;
Keep in touch with friends and family. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each one in order to know what roles and role they should assume. Talk about interests, hobbies and future projects. Listen carefully to others and share experiences and emotions. Offer or ask for help (if needed) for purchases of food, medicine and transportation;
Make use of new technologies and exercise together, combine meals or breakfast with someone (via Skype or WhatsApp, for example). Try yoga, pilates or mindfulness, as there are several applications and instructors willing to teach online;
Practice relaxation and breathing techniques daily to control anxiety. Meditate, be silent and accept your emotions;
Adapt the house to current needs, taking into account teleworking, children and spouse, even if this implies some more profound changes.

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