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Tips for safe driving at Christmas and New Year´s Eve

The end-of-year season is associated with an increase in road accidents. This Christmas and New Year's Eve pay attention to the way you drive. Take note of these tips and drive safely during the holidays.
With the start of the Christmas and festive season, traffic intensifies on the roads as there are many who reserve the last days to buy gifts for the family and take care of the last preparations for the holidays. The risk of road accidents increases, so more attention needs to be paid to driving these days in particular.
Every year, numerous road accidents are recorded during Christmas and New Year's Eve, related to the erratic behavior of many drivers. In such a positive time, try to avoid behaviors that put your safety at risk. Try to drive safely on this special court.
Attention to the amount of alcohol you consume
The excesses committed during Christmas and New Year's Eve is one of the facts that needs further reflection on the part of drivers. Driving under the influence of alcohol is the phenomenon that causes the most victims on the road. Don't rely on your judgment after a night of too much champagne! If you plan to drink for Christmas dinner and New Year's Eve, also plan your stay or use a taxi service.
Driving attention when tired or fatigued
If you do not consume alcoholic beverages, be aware that driving after a night as stressful as Christmas or New Year's Eve also affects your cognitive, preceptive and motor skills. You must rest before driving and making stops, if the journey is long. Choose to spend the night in a hotel with your family and get back on the road after a night's rest.
Beware of the confusion hunting for Christmas presents
During this holiday season, people tend to be busier and hurriedly move to large department stores to buy the last Christmas gifts for their cousin, nephew and sister-in-law who only confirmed their presence at the last minute. Intensifying traffic requires a greater safety distance and controlled speed. Don't put your safety at risk and remember: it's better late than never!
Leave the Happy Holidays messages out of the car
Wish "A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" to family, friends, neighbors or acquaintances while you are driving. Using your mobile phone while driving reduces your attention and perception in the face of obstacles on your route. It is a risky behavior on the road that, in addition to being punishable by law, increases the risk of suffering a road accident.
Beware of snow and ice
The temperatures that are felt at this time of the year make phenomena such as snow and ice propitious. The idea of ​​a white Christmas can be very funny, if you are observing the phenomenon of the home window. On the road, pay special attention to your car's tires and lighting and, if possible, avoid driving on snow or ice.
Drive safely during the festive season.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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