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Traveling with Pets?

During the holiday season, pets can be left aside. But as in other days of the year, our companions also need comfort and well-being on vacation, so we leave you with some tips for traveling with your four-legged friend.
It is the Spanish car brand Seat that warns: «And Portugal, more than ten thousand animals are abandoned per year, mostly dogs». This is a problem that cuts across the seasons, but is more critical in the holiday season.
If you aspire to a peaceful trip in the company of your dog (or cat), we have 8 tips that you can follow and thus reach your peaceful destination and enjoy a great vacation!
1 - Reduce stress and nausea
«Your dog should not eat anything for at least two hours before leaving. You should only give him fresh water and anti-nausea medications (natural, made with valerian or passionflower) to prevent vomiting and nausea, ”recommends Spanish veterinarian Armand Tabernero.
2 - Pet-friendly hotels
If you are going on holiday to a hotel, confirm that the hotel accepts pets. There are still few hotels that accept animals, but if you think about doing something different this year and making this the first criterion when you are looking for a place to stay, check out Conrad Algarve, which has several perks waiting for your friend from four paws.
3 - Never let your dog loose in the car
Animals must travel safely to ensure that they do not interfere with driving or the stability of the vehicle. Dogs cannot be loose in the car, as they can be spit violently in the event of an accident, from which fatal injuries can result, either to the animals or to the driver.
4 - Conveyors, harnesses and partitions for the safety of all
Small dogs can travel on a carrier placed on the floor of the rear seat or fastened with a seat belt. For dogs of any size, there is the option to protect them in the rear seat with a one or two point harness, attached to the seat belt.
5 - Protective covers for the rear seat and boot
Dogs can shed a lot of hair and tend to drool due to travel stress or heat. "Protect the upholstery and keep the seat cushions clean by placing protective covers on the seat and on the luggage compartment floor", recommends Miquel Contijoch, responsible for SEAT.
6 - Open the windows, but ...
... do not let your dog stick his head out, as this can cause infections in the ears and eyes of the animal. But, while traveling, it is a good idea to open the windows from time to time to renew the indoor air, even if the air conditioning is on.
7 - Park in the shade
It is important to stop to rest, at least every two hours, so that all occupants of the car can stretch their legs. It is a good idea to keep the windows slightly open and never leave your dog in the car. This stop will be a good time to rest and let your dog drink some water.
8 - A reward when it arrives at the destination
After a long journey, your dog should familiarize himself with the new place, eat something, get some fresh air and play. It is the appropriate time to reward you for good behavior.

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